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List of Courses

  • Math 105: Topics in Mathematics (Summ 16, Spring 2012)
  • Math 116: Calculus II (Spring 2007)
  • Math 220: Elementary Differential Equations (Sp 18, Summ 16, Sp 16, Sp 14)
  • Math 290: Linear Algebra (Summ 18, Sp 18, Summ 18, Sp 16, Sp 09)
  • Math 365: Elementary Statistics (F, 16, F 13)
  • Math 790: Linear Algebra II (Fall 2005)
  • Math 791: Modern Algebra I (Fall 2015)
  • Math 996: K-theory and Projective Modules (Spring 2005)
  • Math 996: Quadratic Forms (Fall 2013)
  • Math 996: Quillen K-Theorey and Beyond (Fall 2017)
  • Graduate Advising

  • What would it take to get a PhD with Satya?
        Here is an overview.

    Teaching Philosophy and Techniques

    Enjoy teaching at graduate and undergraduate level. At undergraduate level, teaching techniques rely greatly on use of online resources.

    Teaching philosophy has an emphasis on making instructional material available online. Mission is to use the media to bring college education to the mass.

    Academic Interest

    More recently, I became interested in General K-theory: K-theory, GW-theory and Witt theory

    Interested in the general area of Affine Algebra (non-local) (or affine algebraic geometry).
    Research interest is in the area of projective modules, complete intersections, and K-theory.

    Information Technology

    Greatly infatuated and interested in Information Technology and its application in classrooms.

    Algebra Group

    Here in University of Kansas, algebra and algebraic geometry is represented by a very large and active GROUP.


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